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Middle School

Middle School Life at Covenant Christian School


The middle school years at Covenant build on the educational foundation established in the elementary grades. Students grow in confidence as they develop critical thinking and enjoy learning through teacher directed classes and hands-on learning activities. Our middle school teachers are well qualified in their subject areas and have hearts of ministry. Christian curriculum is used in our middle school grades, but like our other grades, the teachers implement additional instructional activities to deepen the learning that takes place for each student. 


Students have the opportunity to participate in electives during the middle school years. The electives range from band/worship team, puppetry, drama, handbell choir, typing/computer skills, gardening, STEM, PE, French, cooking, helping in our younger grades as a jr. aide, etc. We also offer cross country, basketball, track, and have opportunities for students to participate in other sports throughout the year. CCS students have a very well-rounded education at Covenant and excel in high school and college.


The middle school years can be challenging for students emotionally as they begin to establish who they want to become. At CCS, we walk along students and guide them in the truth that they were created in God’s image and that God has a purpose and plan for them. It is our desire that each student understands God’s great love personally and in turn, receives His forgiveness through Jesus and begins a life surrendered to God. 

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