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Elementary School

Elementary Life at Covenant Christian School


The elementary years at Covenant Christian School (CCS) begin in kindergarten (K5) and continue through 5th grade. These years are foundational in the educational development of children. The early elementary years establish a child’s love of learning and should provide the confidence that students need to continue to grow and learn as they move into later elementary and middle school. At Covenant, the teachers are mindful of the emotional needs as well as the spiritual and academic needs of students and take time to care for the whole child. The educational scope and sequence at Covenant moves the elementary students through and beyond the WV Standards that must be taught. All the subjects are taught from a biblical worldview using Christian curriculum that has proven to meet the academic standards at CCS. Our elementary teachers are well qualified to teach academics, but even more importantly, they love Jesus and desire to lead and guide our elementary students into a loving relationship with God.


CCS students in the elementary grades have various opportunities:

  • Weekly specials - art, music, pe, typing and computer class, library time

  • Band for older elementary students

  • After school sports- Soul Runners, cheerleading, basketball

  • Performance opportunities in acting, singing, etc.

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